Why this Bernie Backer made the switch to Camp Hillary

North Carolina’s Adam Pol is the quintessential Bernie Backer – he’s young, well-informed, passionate, articulate and politically active but kind of fed up with politics as usual. So how is it that he’s now 100% behind Hillary Clinton? Excerpts from a recent Facebook post of his (reposted below with his permission) gives us a glimpse:

Adam Pol was a Bernie Backer and now he's firmly in Camp Hillary

As a Bernie Sanders supporter, I don’t get how we feel discouraged by the work we did. If anything, I watched Hillary’s speech thinking: “we really did win.”

Had we never pushed this party to bring economic issues like college and social issues such as systemic racism influencing the incarceration rate, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Hillary Clinton, like all of us, has learned a lot in this election. Each of us tend to get lost in our own busy lives often, and it’s understandable that engaging with other people can reshape your perspective – if your mind is open to it.

Last night, I almost cried while watching Hillary’s DNC speech. While she has been attacked for decades by the GOP for just about anything she does – sometimes it seems for simply being a woman, all the way down to her very trustworthiness – we cannot fail to look at the true Hillary Clinton. She’s smart. She’s tough. She’s very experienced. And she now knows the true demand of the American people to push against legislation only radical  conservatives believe in.

America, we must elect Hillary Rodham Clinton to become our next President.

If you’re a Bernie or Bust kind of person:
Take some time to relax. You’ve worked hard. You’ve felt discouraged by some of the actions of all parties in this election. You’ve been emotionally pulled and tried. You deserve time to reset, take stock of what’s at stake and think through how you can still work toward Bernie’s vision.
* Because we can and we will.

If you’re a Hillary supporter:
Give Bernie supporters time. Stop calling them immature. Stop rolling your eyes at them. Stop shutting them up. And stop trying to dictate their lives. Let them be and try to have those frank conversations you can only have with family.
* Because we ARE family.

I’m proud to say, ‪#‎ImWithHer. Join me and let us lead America past what we believed was possible.


Adam Pol now proudly serves in Morrisville, NC as an Organizer for the North Carolina Coordinated Campaign – working to promote Democratic candidates all up and down the ballot. Come out and join him and his peers throughout North Carolina – working hard to #TurnNCblue!


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