4 Steps to Early Voting in Durham County

(photo credit: News & Observer)

Standing in line on Election Day (Tuesday, November 8) is not the only way to vote!  Between October 20 and November 5, there will be 17 days to vote early and you can do it at any of 13 locations throughout Durham County!

You do not need a reason to vote early – it is a choice you can make. Here’s a summary of what you need to know about early voting in Durham County:

  1. Make sure you are eligible to vote, which includes the following requirements:
  • Be a citizen of the United States
    (if convicted of a felony, complete your full sentence for citizenship rights must be restored – details).
  • Be a legal resident of Durham County for 30 days by Nov. 8, 2016.
  • Be 18 years of age.
  1. Make sure you register to votebefore October 14, 2016 – if need be, you can register in person at the Early Voting Locations provided you have an approved proof of residence.
    NOTE:  a person 17 years of age can register and vote in the primary if they will be 18 by the date of the General Election.
  2. Check the Durham County Board of Electionswebsite for a sample ballot so you can see who you’ll be voting for, and do your research in advance.
  3. Find an early voting location close to you: Durham County Early Voting locationsare spread throughout Durham County and have different days and times. Locations and operating days/times are listed below.

NOTE:     You are not required to use the location closest to your home – it can be near your work elsewhere in Durham County!


NOTE:  At this point, there is no requirement to take a form of picture ID to vote, and the Durham County Board of Elections site says:
On July 29, a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit struck down photo ID requirements and associated laws in North Carolina (
S.L. 2013-381, as amended by S.L. 2015-103).  The state is considering its options.  Barring a different outcome on appeal, photo ID will not be required in the upcoming general election.  Further details will be posted as they become available.

More details are on the Durham County Board of Elections site. If you want, you can vote on election day or use an absentee ballot if neither of those dates and times work for you! Whatever you do, please vote the best way you can.

It matters – your vote is your voice.


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