21 Reasons to Vote Democratic in 2016

Cher came out with her children for door-to-door canvassing on Election Day to get out the vote.

No matter who emerges as our next President, this election has been unfortunately marked by reality-TV like drama, exaggeration and flat-out lies that have drowned out the policy positions that define the issues and opportunities before us. This post is an attempt to spotlight the reasons FOR Hillary Clinton and not make the case AGAINST Donald Trump (although they are almost the same thing).

If you or someone you know could use a reminder of the reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton and all other Democrats this year, please share this list.  Vote for Democratic candidates if you believe that:

  1. Everyone should have access to the same opportunities to live, work, play and plan for the future.
  2. Voting rights are fundamental and we should make it easier for all Americans (including Black people in the South) to vote everywhere.
  3. Child care, equal pay, and paid leave are fundamental economic issues—not just “women’s issues.”
  4. Our democracy should work for everyone—not just the wealthy and well-connected.

    Lillie and a corps of phone-bankers getting out the vote on Election Day.
  5. Human rights matter. When anyone’s rights are threatened. all rights are threatened. Women’s rights are human rights. Gay rights and transgender rights are human rights.
  6. Black lives matter and yes, so do all lives – but black people are disproportionately being killed by law enforcement. That’s the issue.
  7. Families matter – all families should have access to affordable child care, health care and high quality education for their children.
  8. A too-big government is bad, but a too-small government is equally bad. Public officials can and should find a compromise. Denying services to the poor and infirm is unconscionable (and NO the market does not efficiently provide those services).
  9. We can and should protect the right to bear arms AND also protect ourselves with comprehensive background checks on gun purchases – they are not mutually exclusive. Gun purchase, ownership and use by domestic abusers, violent criminals, the severely mentally ill, and suspected terrorists, should be restricted.
  10. nastywoman1
    Betsey came out on election day to get out the vote.

    There is no good reason for women to receive less pay than men for equivalent work and we should fix this.

  11. Tax evasion is illegal for individuals and should also be illegal for corporations. Even under a fancy name, tax evasion is what it is – even if they are called “inversions,” shifting profits overseas, or whatever.
  12. Too big to fail means too big. Period. All Corporations and corporate officers should be held accountable when they break the law.
  13. We can and should address climate change. We need to make investments in renewable energy sources and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.
  14. Undocumented immigrants are indeed illegal, but they are people first. And everyone benefits (not just immigrants) from immigration reform that includes a path to full and equal citizenship.
  15. Government has no business regulating vaginas (or penises for that matter). The government should not dictate what people do with their own bodies and women are no exception.
  16. The spiraling cost of college is a problem that should be fixed. A college education should be affordable for anyone that wants one, and there is no reason to treat student loans differently than mortgages or other investments (such as mortgages).

    John, Kris, Joe and Jim have worked for months to get out the vote up to election day.
  17. Infrastructure is the lifeblood of our economy. We should rebuild or update and expand our transportation, communications and public utility networks. Underinvesting in infrastructure restricts future economic growth.
  18. The Affordable Care Act is working—but there are issues we can and should fix. Notably, the biggest issues relate to the business decisions made by private-sector health plans that administer “Obamacare.”
  19. Veterans should have access to timely and high quality health care. Period.
  20. Mental health should never be stigmatized and we should remove barriers to accessing care.
  21. Love trumps hate. There’s no place for hate in civil society.

That final reason is not at all the least important reason to vote Democratic, but in addition to how we vote, there are 3 things are can do about all this.

  1.  Call out hate when we hear it and see it.
    We learned in kindergarten that we cannot and should not bully, berate and disrespect other kids. And there is no reason we should ever tolerate that behavior from our public officials or those that aspire to elected office.
  2. Write letters to the editor
    Sadly, our media is complicit in aiding and abetting the devolution of public discourse to make hate and hate speech mainstream. We owe it to ourselves to not remain silent about this issue and should all call upon our local and national media to rise above before we all become too desensitized to hate. If you prefer social media, engage your local newspaper and TV/radio stations on social media platforms with thoughtful, respectful dialogue.
  3. Show respect and kindness to everyone – even Republicans.
    We are indeed stronger together than we are apart.

    Let’s resolve to reach out and reconcile – take the first step if needed. Republicans are people, too and even if it seems they don’t treat “liberals” in kind, we should show them respect. Michelle Obama’s “when they go low, we go high” should apply well past this rancorous election.

But before we do any of that, we all need to do everything we can to get out the vote.


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