How to contact your US House Representative

The following are the Congressional Representatives to the US House from the NC Research Triangle Region. nc-voter-searchIf you are unsure of which district you are in, go to the North Carolina State Board of Elections website and do a Voter Lookup on yourself. Then check the listing below and pick up your phone to let them know how you feel about an issue.

David Price – 4th District
(E S and W Raleigh, Orange County, S Durham)

Raleigh: 919.859.5999
Chapel Hill: 919.967.7924
Washington: 202.225.1784

George “G.K.” Butterfield – 1st District
(Central & N Durham and Person counties east to Northeast NC)

Durham: (919) 908-0164
Wilson: (252) 237-9816
Washington: (202) 225-3101

George Holding – 2d District
(N Raleigh, Franklin & Nash Counties)

Raleigh: 919-782-4400
Fremont: 919-440-5247
Washington:  202-225-3032

David Rouzer – 7th District
(Johnston County S & E to Wilmington)

Wilmington: (910) 395-0202
Smithfield: (919) 938-3040
Washington: (202) 225-2731

Mark Walker – 6th District
(Chatham County W to Greensboro)

Greensboro: (336) 333-5005
Burlington: (336) 229-0159
Washington: (202) 225-3065

Each one of these representatives also have an email auto-fill form on their respective websites, which is also an option, but a phone call and conversation with a live person is the fastest, most effective way to be heard. Multiple sources suggest that calling the local office is even more effective than calling the Washington, DC office.

Do not hesitate or feel intimidated – these people have been elected to represent our interests in the U.S. House, and it’s our right to make sure they know what our interests are. Not only is that our right, it’s our job as engaged citizens. So let’s get calling!


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