Why we marched in Washington

The Women’s March on Washington was organized to promote women’s rights and to send a bold message to the new Trump administration on their first day in office. It quickly became clear that it was about a whole range of progressive causes, with an unmistakable undercurrent of disgust, revulsion and horror symbolized by the thousands of pink “pussy” hats… And then there were the signs and chants.

This march grew to include men, children and people of all walks of life marching in support of Progressive Causes. It seemed like a sea of humanity in every direction, and while exact esimates differ it is clear that there were hundreds of thousands of people participating. What’s remarkable is that there was lots of positivity and people from every far corner of our country, and 673 marches worldwide.

We marched to show support for:

  • Our gay relatives, friends and neighbors whose marriages are (finally) legally recognized, but they can still be fired from their jobs or denied a loan because they are gay.
  • Our black friends and neighbors, who have to raise their sons to be extra-careful when dealing with the police so they don’t get shot.
  • The victims of rape and incest that could be forced to carry their attacker’s baby to term because the nearest abortion clinic is hundreds of miles away.
  • Our Muslim friends and neighbors, singled out by our incendiary president as lightning-rods for exclusionary, unAmerican policies.
  • Our immigrant parents, relatives, friends and neighbors who are not sure who is/is not their ally because our President makes it seem like nobody wants them here.
  • All marginalized groups that may be targets of the newly-emboldened white supremacist groups whipped into a frenzy by our new President.
  • Solidarity to show all the assholes that call us “snowflakes” that hundreds of thousands of snowflakes make an avalanche.

On January 21, 2017 America marched and the world joined in – multicolored and motivated, and here are some pictures from Washington to capture the vibe:

The reasons we marched in Washington were also captured in these other posts, which have more pictures and two short videos:

The post-march consensus among participants was that we all have to figure out how to keep the momentum going and keep it from fading away as a flash in the pan. One important way to do that is to contact your Congressional representatives. These two other posts have tips on how you and other North Carolinians can get that done:

How to contact your US House Representative
How to Contact your US Senators

Thank you for your support!


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