TrueBlueRaleigh has evolved to be a voice for the #Resistance in North Carolina, having been founded as a site to support grass-roots efforts to elect 2016 Democratic candidates in Wake County, NC. The 2016 North Carolina Coordinated Campaign focused on voter registration over several months, which then shifted in the final weeks to door-to-door canvassing and intense phone-banking.

2016 Democratic momentum in Wake County resulted in a 75% turnout of registered voters, with ~60% support for Democratic Candidates – helping to elect Governor Cooper, Attorney General Stein and other democrats to key state government positions, including 2 rare seat-flip in General Assembly District 49 with Cynthia Ball (D) defeating incumbent Gary Pendleton (R), and in General Assembly District 40 with Joe John (d) defeating incumbent Marilyn Avila (R).

Since the election, the focus has broadened to provide posts and tweets to support progressive policies and public officials in North Carolina.

Contributors are welcome to submit content for posting, and all are encouraged to share this content far and wide. Please also follow @TrueBlueRaleigh on Twitter.

Thanks for your interest and for your help!